About - Ricardo Cabrera

Photo: Suzanne Lopez

It started with the doctor’s office; magazines filled the waiting room. My attention was captured with frantic page surfing until my name was called upon. Photos filled the void. Photography has always been my mind, eyes, and heart. From the stepping stone days of buying a GoPro for summer excursions on the James River and anywhere else within driving distance. To receiving my first DSLR, a Canon model that stole the show, a gift from my step-father that has truly made all the difference. I was hooked and inspired to create photos similar to those that struck my attention at the doctor's office waiting room.

Nowadays, catch me at the mountains. Trailblazing toward crags, flying through single track running trails and discovering incredible hikes. What I want is to share unseen moments of everyday lives. Offering stories of cheap therapy, novel knowledge, and lifestyle perspectives. Follow a journey with Earth Untold.

Boulder, Colorado based photographer. Stoked to hear from you, collaborations and questions are an email away.

Ricardo Cabrera


Instagram @earthuntold

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